Content Gorilla – Three Ways To Create Engaging And Informative Content For Your Website

When you take on the responsibility of running a website, one of the main things that is difficult is to consistently come up with creative content. Most webmasters struggle with this. However, I am lamenting the following three principles of content creation, you will never have to worry again about creating content that your readers will absolutely love, and more importantly, that they will share.

1 – First, keep up on industry trends. You can do this by subscribing to several high-quality blogs in your industry. When something newsworthy happens, make sure the you inform your readers about it and provide your own unique perspective and commentary. Never just reprint something that another blog is written – rather, takes a newsworthy item that is trending in your industry and present it to your readers through the lens of your own unique point of view.

2 – Second, people love multimedia content, especially videos. Make sure that you are not just putting content up on your website in written form – that can get tedious, no matter how valuable the content is. Rather, make sure that you host a podcast and/or a video blog and make the episodes available on your website. This will allow people to truly get to know you, and to build a rapport with you that is based on more than the written word. They will be able to hear your voice at the very least, and possibly even see your face and your body language if you make videos. They will become much more trusting of you than they otherwise would, the bond you build between yourself and your readers will be much stronger, and they will be much more likely to trust your product recommendations and to revisit your blog consistently. Read More…

Create Quality Content For Traffic Purposes with Content Gorilla

The key to creating content that pulls in large amounts of traffic is to be interesting, attention grabbing and problem solving. If you can do these three things in your content, then you will find people passing your content around the internet, and building a stream of traffic for you.

This article will cover the best ways to make content relevant and impacting for your prospects. If you put the tips in to practice, you can also build a big stream of traffic for your website.

Know the problem – you need to know what problems your market is facing. There will be a number of issues that are very common, so you need to have a list of them ready when you come to write, or record your content. Always start the content piece by stating the problem and then stating why the current solutions are not working for people.

This will put you in a position of authority on the subject and people will want to listen to you. You then need to offer some form of solution to them, or to direct them to your solution (which could be your product or service). If people know that you understand their issues, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say. As long as you present the problem first, this strategy will work for all content creation. Read More…